CASE STUDY: Third Party Facilitation


The Groundwork 

Ascend was engaged for its meeting facilitation services by a company with 30 employees providing contract design work to the aerospace and aeronautics industry. The company indicated its need for an objective, third party to facilitate their management planning meeting/retreat.
Prior to the meeting, Ascend met with the Human Resource Director to review and discuss the agenda and gain a clear understanding of the issues and concerns about the meeting, its participants, and the subject matter. Areas of concern included personality disconnect between some of the managers as well as the feeling among some participants that a facilitator was not needed for the meeting.
Project Overview
The meeting requiring facilitation was a 2-day off site senior leadership retreat. Ascend was asked to participate in the entire 2-day session. High level discussions facilitated included strategic planning, the competitive industry environment, and recruitment and retention of top talent engineers. Senior leaders were in attendance and the company hosted lunch and dinner for all participants.
Program Goals
The primary goals of this facilitation project were to effectively engage productive discussion and gain group consensus on specifics surrounding the largest, most accessible market opportunities and to develop actionable employee retention plans.


Key outcomes of the facilitation project as relayed back to Ascend by company management included:
  • The agenda was successfully kept on track despite opportunities for railroading
  • Conversations were steered in a positive, productive direction
  • Quieter members in the group were effectively engaged to participate, increasing morale and team cohesiveness
  • Meeting objectives were clearly defined at the outset and attained by meeting’s end
Happy Client Quote
“Sue did a great job! Professional, objective, kept everyone on track.”
     – HR Manager




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